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Arlington TX Furnace RepairWhen the temperature dips into the fifties, people in the north may think it’s still comfortable, but homeowners in the south are kicking on the furnace. You expect that your furnace will turn on and get the house back to the comfortable seventy degree temperatures you are accustomed to. When your furnace fails to start, it can be upsetting and expensive. The pros at Berkeys have a team of Arlington furnace repair technicians ready to help you if this should happen.

Federal Energy Savings Tax Credits and Utility Company Rebates

Many old Arlington, TX furnaces are not energy efficient. They were designed when barrels of oil were only a few dollars and nobody was worried about kicking the dependence on fossil fuels. These furnaces are notorious for wasting energy. To encourage homeowners to upgrade to more energy efficient units, the government if offering tax credits and local utility companies are providing people with rebates. While the rebates will not be enough to pay for the new unit, they are enough to bring the price down substantially.

Should You Repair or Replace an Old Furnace?

This is a hard decision to make, one that the furnace repair professionals in Arlington, TX can assist you with. In some cases, it’s an easy choice. When the furnace is more than twenty years old and likely to die completely at any time, most professionals will recommend replacing it. However, if the furnace is not that old and is not a terrible energy hog then it might be worth repairing. Consider the cost of the repair compared to the cost of a new furnace. Take into account the available rebates and tax credits when doing this comparison.

Furnace Filter

One simple way to extend the life of your Arlington, Texas furnace is to change the filters regularly. A clogged filter is harder for the furnace to pull air through, causing the unit to work harder than necessary. Change the filter at least once every three months, more frequently if you have several pets in the home.

Fall Pre-Season Furnace Check-Up

Your Arlington furnace repair and installation professionals will clean the system, check the connections and ensure that everything is working. Small problems can be corrected before the cool weather hits and you want to turn the furnace on. The fee for a pre-season check-up is a small expense when you consider that it ensures your furnace will be ready to go when the mercury starts to drop.

Extend the life of your furnace with regular filter changes. Keep your furnace in great condition by having the professionals from Berkeys clean it and check it over before the cool weather arrives. If your furnace should require an expensive repair, talk with the Arlington furnace repair professional about the cost benefits of replacing it. Be sure to consider the value of tax credits and rebates to help cover the expense.

Brands Of Furnaces Serviced by Berkeys

  1. Rheem
  2. Ruud
  3. Westinghouse
  4. Carrier
  5. Trane
  6. Sears
  7. Lennox
  8. Bryant, and many more.